PRESS RELEASE: Danish-Norwegian Aviation Company gains Garmin dealership

Danish aviation company Air Service Vamdrup, based in both Vamdrup, Denmark, and at Eggemoen just outside Oslo, Norway, has been approved as Garmin dealer. The approval means faster and better service for the company’s customers when it comes to services related to aircraft and helicopter navigation equipment.

Most people know Garmin’s GPS equipment for cars and boats. But also in aviation, Garmin is one of the largest and most popular brands in the market when it comes to avionics and navigation. As a result, Air Service Vamdrup’s Business Development Director, Torben Biehl Jensen, is extremely pleased with the new Garmin dealership status:

- We have been working to get this dealership for several years – and it’s not something you just have handed over without deserving it, he said. - Garmin is one of the largest brands in the market with regard to navigation equipment for aircraft and helicopters, so naturally, it’s important for us to be able to offer this particular service to our customers, Torben Biehl Jensen explained.

Faster and Better Service

Apart form installing Garmin products, the new dealership allows the company, both in Denmark and Norway, to perform e.g. warranty repairs. It also enables Air Service Vamdrup’s Avionics Technicians to generally cooperate a lot closer with the American navigation equipment company with regard to e.g. general sparring and factory repairs.

- To our customers, the approval mainly means that workflow will be faster and service related to Garmin products better. From now on, we may install Garmin products, AND we have easy access to the Garmin organisation. When units need repair, warranty cases caretaking etc., we are able to deal with the whole process ourselves - instead of having to go through others as we did before. This eases and shortens the workflow, and since our customers want as little downtime for their aircraft or helicopter as possible this is a significant improvement, Torben Biehl Jensen explained. The Garmin dealer status also means that Air Service Vamdrup may sell Garmin products directly to the end user.

Cool Gadgets

At Air Service Vamdrup, the technicians are already busy performing the first two large Garmin installations: Garmin GTN650 and GTN750 equipment is being installed alongside a ’Flight Stream’ – a unit, which e.g. allows wireless upload of e-flight plan from your iPad directly to the aircraft’s navigational system.

- So many aircraft and helicopters in both Denmark and Norway will benefit from our new dealership. So naturally, we’re looking forward to be able to benefit from it’s huge potential, Torben Biehl Jensen concluded.

About Air Service Vamdrup

Air Service Vamdrup was established in 1988, is located at Kolding Airport in Vamdrup, Denmark, and employs 30 people. The company is mainly engaged in the maintenance of aircraft and helicopters and has in the past years expanded to cover other areas such as the selling of the French Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter, Continental Diesel Installation Center, Pilatus Service Center and Cirrus Service & CAPS Center in Norway. The company established a Norwegian branch at Eggemoen Aviation & Technology Park in Hønefoss in May 2014.

Photo: The new Garmin dealership allows the Avionics Technicians at Air Service Vamdrup to serve aircraft and helicopter customers better and faster than before – in both Denmark and Norway. At the moment, they are performing two large Garmin installations of Garmin GTN650, GTN750 and a Flight Stream - a gadget that e.g. allows wireless upload of e-flight plan from iPad directly to the aircraft’s navigation system.

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