March 25/ 2013 :: Press Release From Burma to Dubai: 25-year aviation anniversary in Vamdrup

The exciting Danish aviation company Air Service Vamdrup ApS turns 25 on April 1st 2013. Over the years,

the employees have worked in the hangars in Vamdrup as well as lots of places all over the world. Bent Iversen

(left) established the company in 1988, and Torben Biehl Jensen (right), Maintenance Shop Manager, has

worked there for almost as long.

1988-2013 – 25 years in aviation

”Time flies, as we say,” says Bent Iversen. In 1988, he founded Air Service Vamdrup ApS, and now, 25 years later, Bent and his company will be celebrating their anniversary and the past 25 eventful years. Bent Iversen was originally trained aircraft mechanic in the former Aircraft Service Centre in Vamdrup, where he helped maintaining a De Havilland Dove aircraft, which was used for skydiving. ‘Off duty’, he used to jump out of the plane - wearing a parachute. In 1988, he decided to establish his own company, and the first 'customer' was the Dove aircraft. The company developed steadily forward and got more and more customers, including Sygos Air Flying School. Soon followed Danish Air Transport with their first Skyvan.

"Danish Air Transport quickly became a major customer for us, and for several years we had mechanics stationed around the world as well as a small workshop in Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, to support them," explains Torben Biehl Jensen, who is the day-to-day workshop manager at Air Service Vamdrup today. ”Some 10 years ago, Danish Air Transport decided to establish their own maintenance facility, so at that time we restructured the company and got room for a lot of new customers,” he explains.

Finland, Burma, Dubai, Portugal…. and Sahara!

“Over the years, we have worked a whole lot in the hangars in Vamdrup, but we have also had many exciting experiences all over the world. Since we have an authorization to carry out so-called line maintenance, that is aircraft maintenance 'on the road', we have often packed our tools and spare parts to travel out to help our customers. Burma, Dubai, Finland, Germany, Portugal, France, and Africa to mention a few places. We have visited so many places,” says Bent Iversen. He and Torben particularly remember one exotic task that took place in the Sahara. "Related to the Paris-Dakar race, a Skyvan had landed in the desert with a team of doctors. Since the ground had been too soft during landing, the nose gear had bent backwards, so we had to do a lot of structural work directly ‘on site’ in the desert. For approx. 3 weeks we shuttled back and forth from the city to the desert every day. It was pretty special," Bent and Torben explain.

From sweeping boy to Maintenance Shop Manager

Torben has been with Air Service Vamdrup almost for as long as Bent himself. He was employed in December 1989 as the company's first mechanic apprentice, and he completed his training in 1992. Since then, he and Bent and a number of other mechanics and employees have taken care of thousands of planes and helicopters. “At the beginning, our customer base was very wide, and today we still have the philosophy to serve all types of customers,” Torben explains. “We feel very good about having several different company branches, and over the years it has proven to be a good stabilizer in a sometimes fragile market.”

Now what…?

Today, Bent still has his everyday life in the hangars in Vamdrup, employing 25 staff members. The company mainly deals with maintenance of aircraft and helicopters, and over the last few years, the business area has been expanded slightly to also cover e.g. sales of the French helicopter Guimbal Cabri G2 and sales of Limbach aircraft engines. ”We have had some wonderful, colourful years with many wonderful experiences all over the world, and I am not at all ready to stop yet. There are still plenty of airplanes, helicopters, customers and experiences out there that I need to get acquainted with,” Bent Iversen concludes.

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