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Welcome to the Guimbal Cabri G2! We are very happy to be the official dealer and service center for this magnificent new-to-market light helicopter - in Denmark and Northern Germany.

The French company founder, Bruno Guimbal, is a former Eurocopter engineer, and it shows in the details of the helicopter. 

The 2007 EASA type certified Giumbal Cabri G2 is powered by a Lycoming O360-J2A engine, flies 100 kts, has 2 seats, and a 3 blade rotor. Ergonomically and beautifully designed, the Cabri G2 is a sleek and modern helicopter, perfect for many uses, e.g.:

  • Professionals (helicopter pilots, photo flying, aerial work, operators, flight schools)
  • Helicopter "1st-timers"
  • Event flying

The Guimbal Cabri G2 is every pilot’s dream:

  • Modern and ergonomically designed
  • Superior flight qualities
  • Great all-round visibility - 180 degree view
  • Spacious cabin for two
  • Multi function smart glass display (“glass cockpit”)
  • Smart and especially accurate fuel computer
  • Dual electrical trim
  • Fenestrone tail rotor for low noise level, smooth handling & excellent maneuverability
  • Automatic carburetor heat
  • Advanced vibration isolation for very smooth ride
  • 200-liter separate luggage compartment with external door and internal access + 20-liter forward compartment

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