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​​We are the official installation center for English aircraft propeller company General Aero Services Ltd. We have joint forces to provide better service for propeller repairs and overhauls to aircraft owners in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. You may already have a maintenance agreement with us. If not - do not hesitate to call us for a quotation.

Living in Scandinavia or Northern Europe, using us to help you, this means a cost reduction when your propeller needs to be repaired or overhauled.

How to...?
1. You call us to book an appointment
2. You bring your aircraft to our facilities in Vamdrup
3. We do all the work

Super service at low cost
General Aero Services takes pride in the best quality, minimum down time, on-time delivery and rare extra billing for normal overhauls. Owner and founder of General Aero Services, Ian Chaplin, started the propeller shop in 2008 due to the fact that he was tired of getting extra bills for props he send out for overhaul from his own maintenance shop. 

General Aero Services overhaul prices are very competitive to the Scandinavian marked due to the high salary in these markets. 

Turn around times can be as low as 3 days for fixed pitch and 5 days for variable pitch propellers, if a slot is booked in advance. The freight to and from the UK is normally 1-2 days in both ends and freight prices are the same as to other prop shops.

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