Cirrus Service & CAPS Center

We’re an authorized Cirrus Service & CAPS Center in Norway, and also perform regular maintenance on Cirrus aircraft at our facilities in Denmark.

CAPS Center

Cirrus’ popular SR20 and SR22 aircraft are known all over the world for their revolutionary safety system that may be released by the pilot in case of emergency or safety landing. The system, Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (abbreviated CAPS), has proven life saving in numerous situations so far.

At Air Service Vamdrup, we're happy to be an official Cirrus CAPS Center in Norway. The approval allows us to perform the CAPS system replacement that is required in a Cirrus aircraft every 10 years. Performing the replacement requires both additional education and special approvals since the workshop must store and handle rocket fuel as well as see to that old rocket fuel is destroyed.

The fact that we are both Cirrus Service Center and CAPS Center allows us to perform all sorts of maintenance and inspections as well as composite repairs related to Cirrus aircraft. To both owners and technicians it is a lot easier and less time consuming - and thus less expensive - to perform a CAPS replacement at the same time as e.g. an annual inspection.


"... okay, I might just pull the chute...." (on the radio).

> See the moving and super informative video from Cirrus Aircraft about the guy that decided to pull the chute (CAPS).

> Visit Cirrus website

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