"All-in-one" Maintenance​

To make your life easier and to minimize aircraft down-time, we offer full service “all-in-one” EASA Part-145 aircraft and helicopter maintenance within the GA segment, including turbine aircraft, at our facilities at Vamdrup Airport. Or anywhere you need us!

CAMO, structural repair, overhaul, weighing, balancing, and spare parts are a few of our everyday keywords.​

We're offering following services:

Air Service Vamdrup ApS


Lufthavnsvej 7A

DK-6580 Vamdrup​

Tel.: +45 75 58 37 08

Email: info@airservice.dk

EASA Part-145 DK.145.0027

Air Service Eggemoen



Flyplassveien 24
N-3514 Hønefoss

Tel.: +47 21 999 708


EASA Part-145 DK.145.0027​

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